Monday, August 21, 2006


Well, tonight was supposed to be the first night of classes for massage therapy. I've been so excited...I bought a portable table, and I purchased my books for the class. I've rearranged my schedule for the coming months in order to be able to go to classes Mon. through Thurs. evenings.

Anyway, I went to class tonight and waited for it to begin. I was the second one to arrive, and after about 5 min. another came. The professor, Carolann, talked with us asking why we were interested in Massage Therapy, etc... After waiting for about 10 min. she told us that we had to have a class of at least 7 people in order to meet. As of this evening there were only 6 of us, and only 3 of those had shown up! She made some phone calls, not being able to reach one, and another had dropped the classes...anyway, we won't have enough to make a class. I spent the evening returning books to get a refund, and dropping my classes for the semester. We are hoping that next semester will bring enough to form a class, but it was disappointing tonight... I did have the option of taking the classes in Andover, but since I work until after 4 each evening, I wouldn't be able to get there in time, plus the amount of money I'd spend on gas isn't feasible.

I'm very disappointed, and I think Carolann could tell. She knows me from church, works at the same place I get my massages and also was a regular customer at the coffee shop. She gave me a big hug on my way out, and I think we were both about ready to cry... I hope that there will be enough of a class to start next semester.

Instead of spending the evening in class, after I had gotten the drop/book refund stuff taken care of, I went to the grocery store to pick up some necessities. I spent the rest of the evening browning hamburger, sauteing squash and onions, and dividing out lunch portions for the week. I did manage to catch up on some of my news magazines as well, and enjoyed the rest of the evening in front of my chiminea with a glass of wine.

I better head to bed, I have a day-long meeting with my SPED director tomorrow. It is the one and only time each year that we all (all SPED certified staff for the county) get together, and while we dread the actual seat time, we look forward to the chance to catch up with each other.


Anonymous said...

Erica, I'm so sorry--I know how excited you were. Maybe there will be something else exciting to fill your time & massage will happen in its time.


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