Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Long Time No See

I have a few minutes to post today, and just quickly apologize for my absence. This school year has been crazy so far, and I haven't been spending much time actually at my home and in the vacinity of my computer. Because of this, I haven't been able to post as much as I would like. In addition to life's general craziness, I'm afraid that most of the things happening at school that I would like to write posts about are confidential, which eliminates quite a few of the topics that I would write on.

In general news, the KS climate is a bit cooler now, which means the tomatoes will be putting on again, which also means even more things to do in the evening. I've already spent quite a few evenings canning peach juice, jelly and cucumbers, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to start dreaming about canning...visions of salsa, pasta sauce and juice will swim through my head.

Last weekend was Winfield, a time that I look forward to all year. As usual, there were new acts to hear, and new songs to share. My favorite has to be McCutcheon's song "you put your right foot out, you put you left foot out, you tap, tap, tap...." The audience was rolling! I got several new CDs, and my favorite new group was BlueHouse--an aussie duo with beautiful harmonies.

Well, I need to wrap this up, as I should head for Andover and AP/Pathology class tonight. Just to let you know, I've moved my massage stuff into the St. Luke's Integrated Clinic here in Marion, and am doing massage on Saturdays and Monday evenings by appointment. Give us a call! :)

I hope to find a few minutes soon so that I can write again. I love you all