Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm leaving...on a jet plane...don't know when I'll be back again...

Tomorrow morning, at 10:15 a.m., I'll be leaving to go and visit Heidi, Tim and Gustav. My bags are packed (at least for the most part, there are a few items still getting done in the laundry)...and I'm eager to spend some time with my loved ones.

I'm looking forward to the time we'll spend together. It will be a time for Heidi and Tim to say goodbye to their friends and coworkers, and so I anticipate some sadness. It has been 3 years, and they have made many close friendships. It will also be a time of great happiness (at least I hope!) as I know there are a few surprises planned. As much as Heidi loves to plan surprises, she isn't the best recipient of them... :) How I'm enjoying being on the other end of the surprise and watching her squirm!

I'll be spending some quality time with Gustav while Heidi and Tim finish up their jobs these coming weeks. I'm eager to get to know Gustav again, and spend some good time bonding with him. I haven't seen him since they were visiting at Spring Break time, over a year ago now. I'm hoping the weather cooperates, and we'll be able to do some time playing outdoors, and exploring Bammental together. I'm sure I'll be feeling as though I'm back in Munich and my nanny days...although I'll be a kid short now and won't have to do quite as much grocery shopping probably!

We're renting a car, and driving from Bammental to Hamburg, spending an evening with our dear friends, the Mesterharms, and then heading for Sweden. At this point, we're still uncertain as to what our route will be (and I'm getting a bit anxious about this, since I'm the primary driver) but I'm sure that between the 3 of us and the GPS we'll get there. The uncertainty lies in which ferries/bridges we'll be taking, and how long the trip will actually be. We'll be staying with relatives in Sweden for a few days, and then heading to Stockholm and a youth hostel for the final days before returning to the States on July 3rd. I'm looking forward to visiting the Vasa museum again, and looking for some more crystal to add to my collection.

For some of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you will remember that I invited all of you to my little house in Marion to celebrate "The Dirty 3rd in the Dirty South"--a celebration started many years ago by a group of bachelors that lived down the street that has since grown to gigantic proportions even though the bachelors have moved on--much partying and a fantastic fireworks show. Since I will be traveling home to the US on the 3rd, I will have to rescind my invitation for this year, although I'd be happy to have all of you next year on the 3rd of July at my house. I suppose you can still show up and use my driveway (as I'm sure plenty of other people will be, although please pick up your beer cans after yourself! ;) ) I just won't be able to be there to host and enjoy your company.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


After several hours working for my parents today (I stained trim and closet doors, as well as did some painting in their guest room in preparation for putting wallpaper up in a few days) I went to a follow-up appointment with Dr. Herbel this afternoon.

Since the last time I wrote about all of this, I have tried to focus on the many other parts that my life consists of, in an attempt not to get as upset about it all. As today got closer and closer, it was harder for me not to think about it and let the worry creep in.

My doctor appointment today brought a few more answers, but also a new round of questions. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome still seems to be where we're heading for a diagnosis, but since it is a syndrome, instead of a disease, there is no test that says "yes, you have it" or "no, you don't". I have many of the symptoms, and the diagnosis "fits".

After the last visit, Dr. Herbel ordered another round of tests, plus a sonogram. The sonogram shows that I have cysts on both of my ovaries. And one of the lab tests shows that I have elevated prolactin levels. Elevated prolactin could indicate that my thyroid level is still not regulated as well as it should be (although, it is testing in the "normal" range right now), or it could mean that I have a tumor on my pituitary gland.

Dr. Herbel has adjusted my thyroid medication again, as well as prescribed two more medications to take. I'll be starting Metformin and Spironolactone in the coming days, and I'm hoping that these will help alleviate some of nasty symptoms I'm suffering from. I'll have more blood work in 7 weeks, and then go back for another appointment in 8 weeks.

I leave on the 15th to go to Germany to visit Heidi, Tim and Gustav. We'll be packing up their belongings, saying goodbyes, and then doing some traveling in Sweden. Some of these drugs have some side effects, and so I'm a little worried about it all. I'm sure that it will all end up being ok, and that I'm worrying for nothing... What I'm actually most worried about is being able to eat gluten free as much as possible while traveling. I've decided that all I can do is avoid what I can, and there may be times that it is unavoidable and I will eat gluten because there are no other options. I've also decided that there are a few things that I WILL eat while I'm there--like REAL pizza, wiener schnitzel, etc... I'll have to pack some extra migraine drugs...