Thursday, November 02, 2006

Busy, busy

So as the title of this post said, I've been busy, busy. I've been wanting to post over several things, but my evenings have been pretty full lately, and I haven't had a chance to sit down and actually do it.

This last weekend, Mom, Dad and I headed to the farm in NE. I had a comp. day on Friday since we had parent/teacher conferences every evening the week before. It was good to see the people on the farm, and enjoy the warm weather they were having. Grandpa just turned 80, so we had a mini celebration while we were there. Heidi and Tim had sent along a photo gift for him, which he loved. Heidi, Tim and I also gave him a book. I'll have to add a clip from the Swedish folk tales book, since Grandpa enjoyed reading it to us and laughing at it. Dad, Mom and I enjoyed being able to walk around the section and down to the river, and seeing the fall colors and the occasional green snake! :) It was a very good weekend, and I hated to see it end.

Monday was a full day of school, and then yoga in the evening.

Tuesday was Halloween and a nightmare day at school. Teachers seriously think about quitting their jobs on party days. What with the sugar rush, and rooms full of parents who think that their child is "so cute" during the un-controlled parent-planned parties, its enough to make you have a headache! To top that off, it's Halloween and so everyone goes out for even more candy and wild fun! Afterschool, I headed downtown for the city-sponsored "trick or treating" with Denise's kids. It was good to see the business owners, and fun to see all of the costumes. I spent the evening at home, handing out candy to about 25 kids. It was a pretty quiet night, except for my pumpkin getting stolen! There were many pumpkins stolen that night, and they were smashed all along Main Street. The kids also TP'd all of the park downtown. I'm just glad that all I had was a pumpkin to steal, and that there aren't any trees on my property!

Wednesday was a pretty good day. The day after Halloween is always a pretty bad day, with kids coming down from their sugar high and the excitement of the night before. My kids did pretty well getting back into the routine of things, so it made my life easier. Last night I headed to Goessel/Newton for a much needed haircut, and to do some early Christmas shopping.

Tonight I head to Wichita for Symphony Chorus rehearsal, and I also hope to go out with Becca for supper.

Tomorrow we have a technology inservice all day. All of the area schools (Hillsboro, Centre, etc...) will be coming to Marion for an entire day of lectures. I'm sure I'll be quite tired of sitting by the end of it. In the evening, I'll head to a fellow teacher's house and spend the weekend. Her husband is out of town, and she wanted some company. I think there will be a "girl's night" party tomorrow night, for the teachers in our building. We'll see what all happens!

Jayden learning how to make scary faces.

Grandpa reading from the Swedish Folk Tales book.

Downward facing Zoe--one of my favorite yoga poses. :)

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