Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's Heidi's 25th Birthday, We Wish You Many More

Today is my little sister's 25th birthday. It is hard for me to not be able to spend time with her and celebrate on this day. I know that it is even harder on her though, so I'll try not to whine. It can be hard living away from your family and friends, but it is even harder on the special family days that are celebrated.

Heidi, you are my little sister. Your friendship is precious to me. I have so many good memories of us together...
Do you remember: pouring all of my toys over you as you sat defenseless in the beanbag?
...walking to the school bus in Lehigh?
...watching the sunflowers grow in petri dishes?
...playing in the playhouse on the farm, fighting off the invaders and cooking dinner at the same time?
...playing with Grandma B's kittens before dad took them?
...playing horse on roller skates with a jump rope tied around your waist?
...Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your goooolden haair! Weren't you a dashing prince?
...playing softball with mom and dad?
...Tuesday night piano lessons and fish night?
...playing tennis on warm summer evenings?
...slumber parties in the gray playhouse?
...locking me out of the house when you were mad at me? :)
...playing kick the can with the neighbor kids, and waiting for the front porch light to flash 3 times?
...troll pictures?
...Ciao Bella...Bill...Ashcroft...Bela...Bell...Belly? what were the other names?
...going to the "The Magic Flute?"
...choir tours?
...Prieb burgers?
...symposium? day?
...wining and dining at Carmen/B-ryans, my house, your house?
...pulling Mange's tail (oops, I meant Manje)?

Heidi, Happy Birthday! You are very special to me, and I miss you terribly! I love you!

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Tim and Heidi Huber said...

I am waiting for a new blog! There have to be many exciting things happening in your life!