Monday, November 27, 2006

As per Heidi's request....

My dear sister Heidi left a comment this morning saying that she is waiting for my next blog, and that something exciting has to have happened in my life. tell you the truth, not much is happening in my life.

This last weekend was spent with my parents in Hesston. Thursday the rest of the Buller gang joined us and we had turkey with all of the fixings. In the afternoon, Becca and her new boyfriend Micah, joined Patrick and me for a walk to the Arboretum and back. Mom left right after dinner for the NE surprise visit.

Friday Dad went to work, and I spent my day working on staining the window trim. I also took a nap. What can I say, I lead an exciting life!

Saturday, Dad was home and he calked the house while I finished up sealing the woodwork. I also tried to tidy up the house a little bit so that Mom wouldn't be so upset when she came home! Saturday night the Buller clan convened at the Donley's house to celebrate Patrick's birthday, and just to have another excuse to be together. The cousins spent the night, the boys watching the games, and the girls starting Carmen's Christmas shopping.

Sunday I headed back to Hesston and straight to bed. I spent the entire rest of the day in bed, not able to move because I was so sick. I finally was able to get up at 4:00 and start gathering up my stuff to go home to Marion. I went back to bed again after putting some laundry in, and trying to pick up a little bit.

Mondays I usually have yoga class in the evening, but due to the Thanksgiving holiday, I believe that we are taking a break until next week. Instead, I think that I'll head out to Julie and Quinn's to see the Christmas decorations and to sit in their hot tub. I also need to get my house vaccuumed and some grocery shopping done so that Pickerings and Mom and Dad can come for supper tomorrow night. We plan on spending the evening going over possible travel routes, and expectations for the trip. Any evening spent with Pickerings is enjoyable!

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