Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Calm before the Storm

It's about to hit, I can tell! Yes, the weather forecasters are threatening that this weekend will have quite a doozy of a snow storm and winter weather headed our way, but I was really referring to the storm that seems to be brewing in my life! This week I've been coasting along with relatively free evenings, but this will end starting on Monday. I'm hoping the stress in my life dies down a bit before then, because I don't know how much of it I can handle while trying to balance school, work, conferences, and everything else I manage to squeeze in.

The past month has been pretty stressful at school...those of you who have talked to me recently have probably heard more than you want to know about it, so I won't go into it all here. Let's just say that I've had quite a few more responsibilities added to my plate, and lots of personnel problems to fix in the mix of it all. I'm really hoping that the frenzied pace of my life at school will soon abate. I'm past the point of being tired, instead I can truly say that I am weary!

Next week I have 3 conferences to attend-all about assistive technology for children in special education. Oh, have I mentioned that one of my new responsibilities is actually a new job title? "Assistive Technology Coordinator for Marion County" or something along those lines....I actually suggested "Assistive Techology Queen", but the SPED director seemed to think I needed something that was more official sounding. Just can't figure that one out! I guess if it will earn me some more money, I really don't care what I'm called! ;) I also start my night classes for massage next week, a SPED Christmas/Holiday party, and who knows what else thrown in!

The excitement of this week (as if you can take anymore!) is that I bought my plane ticket for this summer! I'll be leaving Wichita July 16th to fly to Germany, the adopted home of my favorite sister and brother-in-law, and staying until Aug. 7. While I'm there, I hope to see the Kreider-Stempfle gang, and spend some quality time with Heidi and Tim. Other tentative plans include: Rhine/Mosel tour, Munich area, Salzburg, Mainau, Riquewihr.... Now that I've purchased my ticket, I can't wait to get on that plane!

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