Friday, September 08, 2006

Family reunion

Last night I went to North Newton and spent the evening with my German family. Ruth, Uli, and the kids have been in the States for several weeks, and wanted to get together before flying home early Sat. morning.

We went out for icecream at Brahms (aren't American portion sizes amazing?) and then brought our treat back to Ruth's parent's house to enjoy. We spent much of the evening telling stories about the year I was there. It was wonderful to be together again, laughing about the many little things that small children do/say; and also the funny things that the adults do! ;)

It was so good to see the kids again. They've grown up so much in what seems like a very short time. Matthew is in music gymnasium now! Norah is going to be entering an exciting year of 4th grade. Johannes arrived after my time with the family, but I've really enjoyed getting to know him as well these last 2 visits. It was also good to hear about Ruth's current projects (a new book about crafts!) and Uli's new job (he's now "chef").

It will be a little while before I see them again (hopefully next summer in Germany), but I'm hoping that we can keep in contact through e-mail and telephone calls.

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