Monday, May 05, 2008

Hallelujah, the Great Storm is Over

"The thunder and lightning gave voice to the night....the little lost child cried aloud in her fright....hush little baby, a story I will tell...of a love that has vanquished the powers of hell..."

We've had some great storms recently. Each time the dusk comes with the silver lightning and booming thunder claps, this song runs through my mind. The imagery of the 'voice to the night', is beautiful and a bit breathtaking. Storms in Kansas are magnificent things. I find so much of God's beauty in them. In fact one of my favorite activities is sitting on my parent's back porch with the chiminea going, feeling the change in temperature, smelling the approaching rain, and watching the clouds roll in.

As a survivor of the Hesston tornado, I grew up with a respect for what those beautiful clouds can bring. I have to admit though, that along with the respect for the devastation a storm can wield, I get quite the rush from each storm. My pulse starts racing, I'm on edge...not from fear (at least not usually), instead I simply love the sights and sounds that this weather brings.

Tonight I've had the treat of listening to one of these storms. Although I'm not able to be on my parent's back porch tonight, I have had the windows open in my little house, the fresh air wafting in while I enjoy the flashes and booms. I didn't get as much work done tonight as I had hoped, instead, I took some time for myself to listen and "be".

There are other "storms" going on right now, whether in Marion or further away. Some storms I have a voice in, while others are beyond my control. No matter what type of storm though, I am able to listen...listen to myself, listen to others, and above all trust that there is a being higher than me, and that His plan is much better than my own.

Blessings to all of you!


Anonymous said...

Erica, You write such thoughtful, meditative-type blogs--Thanks. A&M

Cranefarm said...

Of course, we knew this about you when you were with us during Nebraska storms. We now look at storms a little differently, having gone to a weather spotter training session.

Jon said...

Hey, the Indy 500 was fun. Just thought I'd let you know that my blog's updated for the first time since March.