Thursday, November 08, 2007


I've added a new button on the side of my blog, and thought I should maybe take a bit of time to explain what it is all about.

Blingo is a search engine fueled by Google. For those of you who use google or yahoo as search engines for your web searches, this is basically the same thing. With Blingo though, you are entered to win prizes for the searches you do during the day. I believe that the first 25 times you search during a day, you are eligible to win prizes (this is also affiliated with Publisher's Clearing House). There are random points throughout the day, that if you happen to search during that time you might be a winner. Prizes range from cash, to movie tickets, Amazon gift certificates, laptops, cars, etc...

By using the button on my blog, you will be directed to the Blingo site, where you will have an opportunity to use the program too. You will be a user under me--which means that if you happen to win a prize with your searches, I would win the same prize. If you in turn refer people to the site and they sign up under you, if they win prizes with their search, you would win the same prize as they did.

This is NOT a scam! I signed up under my friend Kym. Within a couple months of signing up, I won a movie ticket. Kym also won a movie ticket because of my win, and it was a great excuse to spend an afternoon and evening together!

To increase my chances of winning, I've downloaded the Blingo toolbar on both my home computer and the computer at school. That way it doesn't matter where I am, if I need to search for information it is right there and ready, instead of having to first navigate to the Blingo/Google website.

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