Friday, January 21, 2011

A New Year

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write for some time now. Unfortunately, life seems to get in the way, and I don’t sit down to jot things down often enough.

Since the last time I wrote, there has been so much. Christmas has come and gone again. My Christmas tree is outside my duplex, waiting for me to take it to the back yard and take it off the base. I still have a few gifts waiting to be given, piled in the front room, but for the most part, Christmas decorations are packed away (or at least down in the basement ready to by packed away). This Christmas was a bit different in the fact that I got sick with a cold/virus the first day out, and it’s hung on until now. There were several days during break that I didn’t do much besides laying on the couch and sleeping. I had a list full of projects that I wanted to accomplish, but my body decided otherwise.

Even though I didn’t feel very good, I’m still thankful for the time spent with others during the Christmas season.

*I was able to meet Eric’s mom, and spend time with all of his family on the 26th. We had a great day full of good food and gift giving. I love this family, and I am thankful for their willingness to include me and make me feel welcome.

*I was able to meet with a friend who was recently diagnosed with celiac. We did a crash course on how to be gluten free. This is not the first time I’ve done something like this, and the more times I do it, the more I really feel that this is an area that I need to make a permanent part of my life. Maybe I can expand it into a business opportunity, or it could be that it remains as my “mission” for now. Anyway, I loved our time spent together, answering questions, and just chatting. It is my hope that she came away feeling better about her new life, and that it isn’t quite as overwhelming to her. I am thankful that she is already seeing the difference in her health!

*Eric, Heidi, Tim, Gustav and I traveled to Nebraska in Eric’s Prius over New Years. It reminded some of us of another trip we took all packed into a car with little space left for us. Even though we were tightly packed in the car, it was a great experience. The entire time I was thinking about how special a relationship I have with my sister, my brother-in-law and their family. I love them dearly, and I was near tears many times when I looked around and saw how much love there is between us all. I could also have been a TAD sad, because since Heidi is pregnant, this will be the first and last trip with us squooshed into the Prius. I guess we’ll have to figure out another mode of transport for us to squeeze into. Our time on the farm was filled with more love and laughter. I am blessed to have so many places I am able to come “home” to. The moment we round the corner and the farm is in sight, a part of me is completely at peace. I love the people, I love the food, and I love the smells and sights… Thank you farm family for the wonderful visit, and the love you show to us.

Since Christmas, my life hasn’t slowed down. It seems to get busier and busier. This last week I started classes for the second semester coursework towards my Master’s degree. This semester I will be taking an Assessment course, and a Behavior Management course. Both “should” be easy courses for me, but the sheer amount of coursework required is mind-boggling. I’ve had to color-code my planner so that nothing gets missed.

To add to the madness I’ve also decided to get my ELL/ESL (English Language Learners or English as a Second Language) endorsement. Hutchinson School district is offering to pay for the majority of my expenses for classes, and I know that these offers don’t come very often. I full realize how busy this will make me, but I also realize that if I buckle down and concentrate I can accomplish it. These classes start in March, and I need to make sure I get everything organized before then.

In addition to all of the coursework, I’ve also agreed to do bakery items for a friend’s shop in Newton. Her baker/caterer fell through, and she thought of me. I’m excited for this opportunity, although there are a few things we still need to figure out. I will be making a weekly delivery to Pages Bookshop of cinnamon rolls, scones, muffins, cupcakes, and cookies. Holly is also open to me expanding and making some gluten free selections available, so I’m eager for that as well.

Items for prayer:

*I’ve still got some chest congestion hanging on from my Christmas cold. I feel much better than I did, but I would be happy to be completely rid of the stuff!

*In general, I’m feeling much more run-down than I normally do. My migraines have been more frequent as well, so I’m not sure whether I am getting gluten inadvertently somehow. There have been many more potluck scenarios during the holidays, and I need to be smarter about how I go about those. One of my resolutions is to be much more vigilant.

*That I’m able to juggle everything. I already use all of my plan times during school time for working on course work and items for school, but I need to figure out a way that I can accomplish more during those times. I’ve got a lot on my plate, and to be honest it’s freaking me out a bit right now. I want to do well in all of the things that I’m responsible for, but I realize that it is a bit crazy of me to think I can do this all.


Carisa said...

And I totally appreciated the time you spent with me! I left feeling so empowered to be able to take on this challenge! I'm so grateful!!!!!

Tim and Heidi Huber said...

Guess I won't worry about baking anymore! Looks like you're doing weekly deliveries.

Cranefarm said...

Thanks for writing! It's great to have an insight into your busy life.