Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm resigned.

I've got 3.5 days of school left with students, and 1.5 inservice/work days after that. After those 5 days I will be done with my teaching career at Marion Elementary School. As of about 11:15 a.m. today, I have resigned my position with MCSEC. I will live in Marion through most of the summer, and anticipate moving sometime at the end of July or beginning of August. I will be teaching summer school here in Marion the last 2 weeks of July and the 1st week of August. Since I'm not wanting to rent for that week in August (more specifically I don't want to pay rent and utilities on 2 houses), I will most likely be house hopping for that last bit of time in August. Hopefully my friends will be generous and open their homes to me for a bit of time! :)

The last several months have been filled with stress and sorrow as I've watched the progression of things. While I'm under no allusion that my stress will end, I do think that it will be a different kind of stress.

I will be starting a new teaching position in the middle of August at Hutchinson Middle School. I will be a special education teacher, teaching 5 sections of literature, and 1 section (team taught with reg. ed.) of social studies. I've always thought that my "perfect" job would be working for a publishing company in the young adult division. I'm hopeful that my love of YA lit will mesh perfectly with my new position. I'm very excited about the possibilities that the new school year may bring.

In the meantime, please pray:
*That I can figure out how to break the news to the kids in my classroom.
*I will be able to find a nice place to live. I'd like to have at least 2 bedrooms and be able to keep my cat. I'm not so sure about her wanting to keep me! :)
*That I will be able to figure out how to make the massage angle work. I will be sad to leave our massage clinic here in Marion, and want to be able to continue working with massage. Currently Hutch is having zoning discussions about having businesses run out of the home, so I'm uncertain how this will all work out. I would prefer having a home-based business so that I can control a bit more and not have to pay additional rent.


John and Chris Buller said...

I'm glad you made a decision for change, and I'm optimistic that it will be a change for good. Of course, your dad and I will offer whatever help and support that we can. You'll find a way to tell your students, find appropriate housing, and keep up with the massage. It all works out. Love from Mom.

ambuller said...

If I would have checked your blog before I sent my e-mail, I would have answers to some of my questions. Again, congratulations. We'll continue to pray for the details to be worked out with satisfaction. A&M